Towards Crossing the Ditch

I am typing this as I head out of the Marlborough Sounds on my way to Sydney. The boat is in great shape, I feel relaxed and I am looking forward to getting into the groove of ocean sailing again.

It’s been a very busy two weeks to get to this point. My engine took a lot of problem solving and work from myself and from Jamie from Beach Road Marine. The team there were supper supportive lending me tools and being free with advice all the time. Jamie jumped in and undid that last nut that I couldn’t quite get, welded multiple objects and joined me in swearing at the engine on the two occasions that we had the audacity to think were the end of our problems.

In the end I made and glassed in a bracket for my exhaust system, had my heat exchanger bracket re welded, replaced all three engine feet, welded the worn engine block, replaced seals (sp) on the water pump, replaced pipes on the cooling system, changed the oil and coolant and had the engine re-aligned.

At the end of yesterday Scott came over to help me finish off the work whilst Jasmine made us the greatest dinner. After a couple of beers and a few glasses of wine I slept like a baby.

This morning Channelle checked me out of NZ with stern warning that I ad to leave immediately, and if for any reason I stopped anywhere before leaving NZ I would have to ring her and let her know. She waved me off and took photos of the boat as I left.

Once again, the penguins were out in force to say cheerio and Geoff in Simply Red did a fly by.

The forecast is good for the next 7 days with one day of bumpy stuff. I think it will take 14 days to get to Sydney but I’ve been caught out by that kind of talk before.

I am looking forward to being with Tiggy and not having to think about sail changes, Grib files or engine noises for a while. First though, I will be enjoying this crossing and the peace and solitude of the open ocean…

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