Bay of Islands II


There are around 150 islands dotted about the place, with good anchorages for any wind direction. Most of the islands are not developed, and the beaches offer good swimming, oysters, winkles, some clams and plenty of fishing round about.

Cook anchored in the bay on his way to preparing the invasion of Australia and the Treaty of Waitangi was drawn up here in 1840 – it still acts as the linchpin of race relations in New Zealand today.

I have anchored in 5 different but beautiful bays this week, only sharing one of them. I have visited “Zoe” and “Florence”, both elderly ladies that could not hide their elegant lines even through years of hard work and exposure to the elements. I have caught a tune, been given a tuna and eaten shellfish off the rocks.

Banks and their inability to transfer money in this digital age are holding me up, but once I have my sail I’ll be heading south to join Tigs in Aukland for a long weekend before heading further south.

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