Whangaroa Harbour

At the end of last week I was waiting for money to arrive with Ross (the guy who had just made me a new Jib). The money didn’t arrive so I headed north for an explore rather than hang about.

I arrived at the Cavalli Islands on Saturday night, and anchored 100m away from the wreck of the Rainbow Warrior. The French sunk her in Aukland because they did not want Greenpeace protesting their Nuclear testing in the Pacific. I’m not sure that it constitutes terrorism because the President personally sanctioned the attack by French military, but it was pretty heinous. Anyway, one person died and they sent the Rainbow Warrior to its grave in these most beautiful islands.

I met up with some locals on their boat and had a monster hangover the next day, but carried on to anchor briefly at Stephenson Island where I planted a Scottish flag and claimed it for Lucy and her family.

I then pulled into Whangaroa Harbour – I had been told it is gorgeous, but the guide books said little. It was absolutely stunning – photo below:


Where I came into this bay is on the left and I was surrounded by peaks and ramparts – fabulous.

I then came back down to Paihia, sorted out money for Ross and ended up with an even bigger hangover but had a great night with Ross on his balcony looking out at Siren Song on anchor in the bay.

We’ve had a bit of a blow come through over the last couple of days (gusts of 30 knots) so I’ve been hiding in bays and moving early in the mornings in the calmest weather. I’m hoping to make a start for Auckland tomorrow if the wind drops as forecast.

I got a bit of a classic shot of the boat today out of a cave I had snorkelled into looking for Crayfish (no crays, just the photo). You can just see Siren Song if you squint and zoom.


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