Opua to Auckland

anchorageThis week I sailed from the Bay of Islands south to Auckland to meet up with Tigs for the weekend. It was a bit stormy in the Bay so I sheltered behind a headland for the night in 30 knots. I then headed out in the lighter winds but things got a little bouncy by 10 am and I anchored again at the back of Whangaruru island. I had an excellent snorkel through caves and deep canyons there and left the next day in much more pleasant weather to pass round Cape Brett. I believe Mike and Kirst got engaged at the point which is a long day walk from the nearest road across pretty precipitous edges. There’s a great Docs hut to stay in though which makes things easier. Me and Tigs did this walk a couple of years ago and I remember having very sore legs at the end of the day. goosewinged Over the next few days I sailed down this glorious coast stopping in Urquharts Bay and Swansea Bay on Kawau Island. On Kawau I found the old Boating Club, had beers and showers and did my washing. It is a great place with colourful locals and great staff – well worth the stop over. I then had an easy run into Auckland punctuated with radio chatter about a woman who had driven off the end of the pier and was rescued by two passing cops with only minutes to spare before her car sank. Lucky lady! I’m in Auckland now for the weekend and am very happy to have Tiggy here to enjoy the sights with me! Next is a mad dash south! sunset

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